Cancellation of reservations and No Show

Cancellation of reservations and No Show

  • Reservations with online payment will not be refundable but may be used at a later date than originally reserved as long as the change is made through the customer service center 48 hours before the date to pick up the rental car.
  • Reservations with online payment do not apply refunds if the customer does not show up to pick up the rented car (No Show). If you cannot attend, we recommend you request the change of dates (see previous point) 48 hours before.
  • Reservations with online payment do not apply refunds for delivering the car in advance.
  • Reservations with payment at the office do not generate cancellation or no show charges.
  • Reservations do not apply refunds if the client does not present any of the requirements mentioned in the car rental policies and conditions.

Rental Policies and Conditions

  • A valid credit card is required at the time of signing the rental agreement to cover the guarantee / franchise deposit (10% of the value of the vehicle, this deposit varies according to the Insurance / Coverage contracted and your card will be blocked by the amount determined by the lessor). At the end of the contract the blocked amount is released immediately, however, sometimes it can take up to 48 hours to be reflected.
  • Presenting a valid driver's license is a mandatory requirement; if the document has expired, an extra amount will be charged.
  • It will be the client's responsibility to present a valid driver's license / license. If it has expired, an additional amount will be charged at the rental office.
  • It will be the client's responsibility to present an identification, either identity card or passport.
  • Car drivers must be at least 18 years old.
  • Please note that, although the minimum age is 18, all drivers under 25 are considered new drivers and have an additional charge of $ 12.99 + Taxes, per day.
  • The rate published on this website already includes unlimited mileage.
  • The photographs published on this website about brands and models are for illustrative purposes only. Features may vary slightly. Please note that Europcar confirms the category (ACRISS) reserved and not the model.
  • If the reserved vehicle is not found at the time of making the contract, another car of the same category will be assigned; in case no other car of the same category is available, a car of the higher category will be offered at no cost.
  • In the event of an accident, the client will have the responsibility to report the accident immediately to the rental office or to the assistance telephone numbers and duly sign the accident report at the end of the rental, otherwise the coverage will be invalid and the amount will be charged corresponding value of the damage directly to the client.
  • In case the client does not respect the clauses of the lease contract that he signed in the office where the car was delivered, the coverage or insurance sold will be void.
  • Units must be returned in normal conditions at the end of the rental.
  • Any missing gasoline and damages will be charged in addition to the rental.
  • This guide is subject to change without notice.

Notice of Privacy

Personal data collected by Europcar Costa Rica

  • The personal data that Europcar Costa Rica may collect include (I) Names, surnames, addresses, telephone numbers, emails, dates of birth, information on payment methods (Credit, debit or bank cards, digital or virtual media); (II) All information that the user has provided and / or provided throughout the business relationship established; (III) Those own data and related to the services provided by Europcar Costa Rica in the fulfillment of its obligations either on the occasion of the sale of products, services and various in general (hereinafter and jointly referred to as the "Services") ; (IV) As well as any other data that is collected from time to time due to the provision of the Services; by ministry of law, by commandment of competent authority, or through other sources that are permitted by law. All personal information that identifies the user, disclosed directly or by any means of contact and / or public forum for online connection, may be collected and processed by Europcar.
  • The data collection carried out by Europcar Costa Rica is in good faith and for this reason it assumes that they are true, correct, complete and identify the owner who supplies and / or provides them, so it is the responsibility of the owner that the data This will provide Europcar Costa Rica with these characteristics and be updated as required. Similarly;
  • Europcar Costa Rica reserves the right to exercise the actions it deems pertinent in case of false data.

For what purpose does Europcar Costa Rica collect personal data?

Personal data may be processed and used by Europcar Costa Rica and / or our subsidiaries and / or affiliates and / or third parties, national and / or foreign to carry out some or all activities related to compliance with the obligations arising from the commercial relationship that originate and / or derive from the provision of the Services; with the purpose of informing users of the launch or changes of new products, services, promotions and / or offers from us, to carry out studies on consumption and market habits, as well as for any other activity aimed at promoting, maintaining, improving and Evaluate the Services.

Limitation of use and disclosure of information

In our notification program for promotions, offers and services via email, only Europcar Costa Rica has access to the information collected. This type of advertising is carried out through notices and promotional emails, which will only be sent to you and to those contacts registered for this purpose, this indication may be modified at anytime.

Personal data can be transferred to third parties

Europcar Costa Rica may transfer the personal data that it has received and / or collected and / or arrives to receive and / or collect from its users its subsidiaries and / or affiliates and / or third parties, whether national and / or foreign, and / or any competent authority that so requests to carry out the purposes described in the preceding paragraph. The transfer of the user's personal data is limited to those acts, facts and / or procedures that Europcar Costa Rica requires to implement in order to be able to fulfill its contractual, regulatory and / or commercial obligations in the ordinary course of its operations. If the user does not express his opposition so that his personal data is transferred, it will be understood that he has given his consent for it.

Sensitive personal data

Europcar Costa Rica does not request sensitive personal data in any section (racial or ethnic origin, present and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, union membership, political opinions, sexual preference).

Means to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition

Europcar Costa Rica has the necessary technical, material and human resources to ensure that the user's personal data will be treated in strict accordance with the Law. At any time, the user will have the right to request Europcar Costa Rica to exercise the rights conferred by law, following the steps below:

Modification or deletion of record or data

You may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the processing of your data; submitting your written request to the area of privacy and information security through email: [email protected]

It will reach your email in a period not exceeding 96 hrs. a written notification confirming these changes.

It is understood that in order for Europcar Costa Rica to correctly and timely attend any of the requests referred to in this section; The request of the owner must contain at least: (I) Full name of the owner, (II) Contact number, (III) Brief description of the object of the request, and (IV) Reasons that motivate your request. Our response to your request will be sent within the time allowed by law, to the email of the sender of the same. The user acknowledges and accepts that one of the purposes of the processing of his personal data is to fulfill his commercial obligations that he maintains and / or will maintain with Europcar, so he cannot cancel and / or oppose the processing of personal data that they can and / or could affect and / or restrict their compliance.

Modifications to the privacy notice

Europcar Costa Rica expressly reserves the right at its sole discretion to change, modify, add or delete portions of this notice at any time. In this case, Europcar Costa Rica will publish on the website the modifications made to the notice and indicate at the top of the electronic page of said site the date of the last version of the notice. To the extent that the user does not request the cancellation and / or opposition of their personal data in the aforementioned terms and continues to access and / or partially or totally use the services, it will imply that they have accepted and consented to such changes and / or modifications.

By providing your personal data to Europcar Costa Rica, the user expressly acknowledges and accepts this notice, as it may be modified or adjusted from time to time, and gives his consent for Europcar Costa Rica to proceed with the processing of his personal data of the form explained in the present. If the user does not accept this notice, he may exercise the rights conferred by the Law, as described above.

FLEET CAR COMPANY COSTA RICA, S.A. undertakes to ensure the privacy of personal information obtained through its online services.


All the data you enter, including your credit card number, name, address, telephone number, among others, are encrypted using a sophisticated method using state-of-the-art technology and sent to our secure server. This data cannot be read in any way during its transmission. Upon receiving these data, we store them encrypted in a database hosted on a computer inaccessible from the Internet, preserving their security after transmission.

Statistically it is much safer to use a credit card on the web than in a restaurant or store. We think this is good news for anyone, however, we still take every possible precaution to protect the integrity of credit card data.

By buying or hiring in our offices and virtual stores, you can totally forget about the myths that have arisen about frauds due to the insecurity of personal data transmission over the internet. For your safety; Please do not send your credit card number by email, as it does not travel in an encrypted manner.


Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent by the website to the browser. They are stored on the hard disk of the equipment and used to determine the preferences of the users who access the electronic portal (, as well as to track certain behaviors or activities. Cookies allow users to be recognized, to detect the bandwidth they have selected, to identify the most outstanding information, to calculate the size of the audience and to measure some traffic parameters.


When the user is on the website (, he will share his information with Europcar Costa Rica, unless otherwise specified. Europcar has no obligation to keep any other information that the user provides confidential through online newsletters and talks (chats), as well as through cookies. Information may only be disseminated in special cases such as; identify, locate or take legal action against those who violate the conditions of service of the website (, cause damage to, or interfere with, the rights of Europcar, its properties, those of other users of the portal or any person who could be harmed by such actions.

Europcar Costa Rica will not sell, give away, provide or rent confidential information to third parties. If the user does not want their data to be shared, they can dispense with a specific service or refrain from participating in some promotions or contests.

Europcar Costa Rica will not share confidential information with third parties, unless expressly authorized by its subscribers or when required by a court order to comply with certain procedural provisions.

Confidentiality of minors

The safeguarding of children's information is extremely important for Europcar Costa Rica, so the data requested to provide the services provided to this sector will be minimal. Parents and guardians are advised to advise minors when surfing the Internet and to approve the sending of any type of personal information.

Acceptance of terms

This statement of Confidentiality / Privacy is subject to the terms and conditions of the website described above, which constitutes a legal agreement between the user and Europcar.

If the user uses the services of the site, it means that he has read, understood and agreed to the terms set forth above. If you do not agree with them, the user must not provide any personal information, or use the services of the site

Dear user, you are notified that the Privacy Notice has been modified on November 1, 2019.

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