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Car rental in Tamarindo

More than just a car rental service in Tamarindo, Europcar Costa Rica is the mobility solution you need to make real all your plans in this extraordinary tourist destination in Costa Rica. We have the newest fleet of cars in Tamarindo, so we assure you one of the best car rental experiences. As a leading car rental brand in Europe, our experience and technology, now present in Costa Rica and around Latin American countries, is ready for you, so you will enjoy an extraordinary trip, without disappointments by the typical hidden charges. Used in other car rental brands in Costa Rica. If you have come this far, congrats you are in the right place! , making Europcar Costa Rica your mobility ally, you will be able to explore Tamarindo and its surroundings in your own way, without limitations, so you will take advantage of your trip to Costa Rica.

Car rental benefits in Tamarindo

By renting a car rental in Tamarindo you can get multiple benefits that will help you make the most of your trip, no matter what your plans are.Move your way, enjoying the autonomy provided by having a vehicle when you travel, being in control and deciding when to start the adventure, what time to return, how many stops to make and how long to stay in these places that have captivated your soul, because yes, we know, Costa Rica gets you in with the silhouettes of its horizon, its geography, and falls in love with the natural beauty of its landscapes, so, with a car at your disposal, you decide which route to take, it will allow you to optimize time, which you can use to continue exploring Tamarindo and its surroundings.

However, autonomy and optimization of time are not the only advantages of car rental in Tamarindo, owing to the fact that a traveler who decides to rent cars also gets a comfortable and safe space for his family, because it is not shared space with strangers or third parties, as is often the case with other mobility alternatives in TamarindoIn the face of the current pandemic, car rental in Tamarindo has a lower risk of contagion compared to other means of transport, which is currently causing the demand for vehicles to increase. So don't think about it so much, book now and benefit from the best possible prices.

Car Rental requirements in Tamarindo

All you need to rent a car in Tamarindo, whether you are a Costa Rican or a foreigner, are:

  1. Identification card / Passport.
  2. Current driver's license.
  3. Credit card.

Foreigners do not require international driving licenses, those issued in their country of origin are accepted, they must only be valid during the entire rental period.

How much does a car rental cost in Tamarindo?

Do you want to know the prices of car rental in Tamarindo? From our official website it is very easy to get them, without so much hassle or confusing processes. Just go now to our car browser and write the name of the city where you need the vehicle, enter the dates, times and click "Search". Instantly our powerful website will work to show you those cars that are truly available on the date and times you need to travel. Try it! It is very easy to check the prices.

On our website you can check the prices of rental cars in Tamarindo as many times as you want, in the morning, in the afternoon or at night. Make as many inquiries as you consider and when you decide that you have found the best price for your trip, reserve it to benefit from the published price, as these prices are exclusive for online reservations and are not available at the rental office. At Europcar Costa Rica you can get everything from compact cars, economy cars, sedans and even 4x4 SUVs.

Car rental in Tamarindo with coverages included

Did you know that the prices that we show you on this website include everything you need to rent cars? When you book online from our official website, without intermediaries or travel agencies, you get the total prices to pay, with the essentials to rent the car already included in the price, without the risk of hidden charges when picking up the car.

Check it yourself, check our prices and continue the reservation process, you will realize that the essentials are included in the price, leaving it up to you to choose a greater protection that can improve your experience when traveling, however, rest assured that the The first price you will see on our website is already the final price you will pay for the car rental. Ready to get true mobility solutions? Choose Europcar Costa Rica and keep moving your way.

Europcar Offices In Tamarindo

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Tamarindo - Centro

Address: Provincia Guanacaste, a lado de hotel Best Western Vista Villas.

Telephone: +50 (640) 023 857

Other offices in Tamarindo
Tamarindo - Centro


Provincia Guanacaste, a lado de hotel Best Western Vista Villas.


+50 (640) 023 857

Opening Hours:

Lunes a Domingo. De 8:00 a 17::00 hrs


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


8:00 am - 5:00 pm

WhatsApp +506 4002 3857
Mastar card, visa
Mastar card, visa

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