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Adventure awaits for you in one of the most important ecotourism Latin American countries, therefore, upon arrival the capital of Costa Rica, you started ar one exciting onboard trip convenient rental car that you can book now at airport San Jose. If you want to make the most of your trip through this fascinating destination of Central America, the ideal is that you can have the right means to move smoothly, optimizing your time and reaching those wonderful hidden places around San Jose.

With Europcar Costa Rica, you will have the perfect ally to go in the right direction towards the adventure, since, with Europcar Costa Rica, you can book rental cars in San Jose without so many muddles, avoiding all the messes that in other brands usually happen. Make your reservation online right now, from our official website and benefit by acquiring the best prices, those that save you those bad and uncomfortable moments that ruin your vacation, because the prices published on this website already include everything you need to rent cars at San Jose airport: insurance and taxes included.

Advantages of Rent a car in San Jose

The car rental in San Jose will provide you with additional advantages compared to a conventional tourist, allowing you to make the most of the trip, touring the surroundings of the Costa Rican capital, and even, going beyond what you have planned.

One of the first advantages of car rental in San Jose and that you can highlight is allowing you to save time and money at the same time, since renting a car at the Juan Santamaria airport in the city of San Jose, you can find it much cheaper than you think, and considering the price transfers, taxis and transportation, you'll find a hire car in San Jose is still much cheaper than traveling by yourself, in addition to having a means to move around the Destination, you can optimize one of the most valuable resources: time. Begin your adventure as soon arribes to Juan Santamaria airport, with a great range of rental cars that pruneds choose Europcar Costa Rica.

Find available from cheap car rental, sedan car rental and van rental in San Jose, Costa Rica, choosing the model that best suits your needs, whether traveling with your partner, friends or with family, always finds the ideal model to carry all car and can enjoy a comfortable and safe journey , obtaining one of the most important advantages for any traveler: the chance to visit the destination form a comfortable and safe. In addition to car rental in San Jose, you get autonomy, because it is you who decides which route to take, at what time to leave or how long to stay to admire the main tourist destinations, in this way, you feel that you take advantage of your trip through San Jose.

Take control of the steering wheel to explore San Jose and its surroundings in a comfortable and safe environment.

Requeriments to rent a cars in San Jose

Whether you are a Costa Rican or a foreigner, the only requirements to rent cars in San Jose are:

  1. Identification (ID or passport).
  2. Current driver's license.
  3. Credit card.

Remember that to rent cars in San Jose, one of the essential requirements that you must present when picking up the car at our rental office, is a credit card with sufficient balance for the car guarantee, which varies according to the selected model but It is equivalent to 10% of the commercial value of the model you decide to rent.

How much does it cost to rent cars in San Jose?

Car rental prices in Costa Rica are much cheaper than you imagine, especially if you consider the expenses that would be generated by considering transfers, taxis and transport services. If you are traveling with your family, car rental at San Jose airport will be very useful to avoid high transportation costs to the city center. Choose the car model that best suits you and take the wheel to start driving towards the adventure.

Quote now using our search engine at the top of this page and discover clear rates, with insurance and taxes included, booking through a series of steps in a simple, easy and fast way, without complicated pages that end up confusing you. At Europcar Costa Rica, we want to offer you the best experience in car rental in San Jose, so from the first moment we tell you the final price so that you can properly plan your travel budget, we only recommend that you book as soon as it is possible, because it considers that the prices for car rental in San Jose tend to rise as the dates approach, so quote and book now to benefit from the best possible price: one that includes the peace of mind that when you pick up the car in the rental office there will be no surprise charges.

Looking for rent a car in San Jose with insurance included?

Finding rental cars in San Jose, Costa Rica will no longer be an impossible mission, because with Europcar Costa Rica, you can book rental cars in San Jose with the necessary insurance and taxes already included in the published rate.

Our mission is to provide you with the best car rental service in San Jose, which is because we have decided to show you the final prices from the first moment, although this implies that our prices seem higher than in other rental companies, however, only In Europcar we offer you the confidence that when you pick up the car there will be no surprises charges because our basic insurance package is already included in the rate that you will see published, with everything you need to rent cars in Costa Rica, without messes at the time of Pick up the car at our San Jose airport office.

Save yourself bad experiences offered by other companies with their small prices that end up tripling with their hidden charges and discover at Europcar the best experience booking with total prices on car rental in San Jose.

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San José - Aeropuerto

Address: Provincia de Alajuela, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Telephone: +50 (640) 023 857

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San José - Aeropuerto


Provincia de Alajuela, Alajuela, Costa Rica


+50 (640) 023 857

Opening Hours:

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6:00 am - 11:00 pm


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