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Rent a car in Liberia

Whether you are traveling for business or on a vacation plan when choosing car rental in Liberia you will discover the perfect complement to help you enjoy and make the most of your trip through one of the most fascinating places that exist in Costa Rica, touring Liberia and its surroundings.

With Europcar Costa Rica you will find everything you were looking for, as we offer one of the best car rental experiences in Liberia. As a leading global car rental brand, we constantly renew ourselves following the latest technology trends and following the recommendations that our own users usually make to us, so we are sure that in Europcar you can quote and / or reserve rental cars at the airport of Liberia simply and quickly, without so much trouble, following just a few short steps without confusing information, as is often the case with other car rental websites in Liberia.

At Europcar we want to be clear, perhaps, our prices may seem, at first, higher than with other car rental companies in Liberia, however, we are the only ones that offer you the peace and confidence of being able to book a car in line with insurance and taxes included, so you can properly plan your trip, without picking up the car those disappointing hidden charges that end up ruining your budget and encouragement to travel arise.

Save yourself the bad experiences and go for sure, booking rent a car in Liberia with everything you need so that when you arrive by car at the Daniel Oduber airport, there is only the happiness of starting this exciting adventure, avoiding those headaches that usually cause other websites that attract you with very small prices but end up tripling when you pick up the car. In Europcar Costa Rica the price you book on our official website is the final price.

Advantages rent a car in Liberia

More than one may agree that car rental offers multiple benefits that result in advantages that will allow you to take full advantage of that journey you have planned to make from Liberia in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Just imagine how much you would spend on transfers, taxis and transport services from the airport to your hotel. If you travel with family or friends the amount is already somewhat high, but luckily, rent a car in Liberia appears as an excellent option, where, with an investment equal or even less to private transport services you can get a vehicle to move with ease in Liberia and its surroundings. Thus, one of the main advantages is saving money.

But saving money is not the only thing you get with rent a car in Liberia, because it also allows you to save one of the most valuable resources: time. When driving yourself, you can take advantage of every minute of your trip to allocate it in what really matters to you, obtaining, in turn, autonomy and freedom to choose the route that best suits you to get where you plan to arrive. Optimizing your time and obtaining autonomy are two great benefits that you get with car rental in Liberia. Would you like to make the most of your time on your trip through Costa Rica? Get it with Europcar.

Also, if you travel with family and opt for rent a car in Liberia, you can offer them a comfortable and safe way to travel, and we are not saying that Liberia is an unsafe destination to travel, for nothing! However, it always provides a feeling of security to be able to travel in a car with your family, creating memorable moments that will last in the memory of your loved ones. Take control of the steering wheel and be yourself who is responsible for providing security to your family by touring the incredible landscapes of Liberia by rental car.

Requirements to rent a car in Liberia

Whether you are a Costa Rican or a foreigner, the only requirements to rent cars in Liberia are:

  1. Identification (ID or passport).
  2. Current driver's license.
  3. Credit card.

Remember that to rent a cars in Liberia, San Jose or anywhere else in the world, a credit card with a balance equivalent to 10% of the total value of the selected car is required, to leave the guarantee for the vehicle. This amount is retained only during the rental period, at the end of the contract, this amount is released and will be reflected in your statement 72 hours later (the time may vary according to the banking institution).

How much does it cost to rent a cars in Liberia?

Car rental prices in Liberia are much cheaper than you imagine, and here you can check the current prices for the dates of your next trip through Liberia. Just use the search engine at the top of our website, enter the name of your destination, select dates, times and click search. In a couple of seconds they will load all the available models for the dates you selected and you can see the current prices, by day and for the total period you need it.

Booking is also very easy, following a fairly intuitive, fast and simple process, without as many problems as is usually the case with other reservation websites. In Europcar Costa Rica, we want to offer you the best experience from the first moment, therefore, we dedicate all our efforts to create a powerful website that meets the expectations of our users, allowing them to book easily and with the confidence that their personal data will be completely insurance, because we use technology to encrypt the information in a secure way, so you can book with confidence using your debit or credit card.

Rent a car in Liberia with insurance included

If you are looking for is the tranquility of booking with insurance included, with Europcar Costa Rica you will find everything you were looking for. Book now with the confidence that, when picking up the vehicle there will be no surprise charges as it happens with other car rental companies in Liberia, which catch you with their small prices and end up disappointing you with their hidden charges.

Discover happiness and book true mobility solutions, because in Europcar our published rate includes the insurance required to rent a car in Liberia. Choose between our basic, medium or Premium insurance packages and discover that renting cars will no longer be an impossible mission.

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Liberia - Aeropuerto - Check in


S/N, Boulevard Aeropuerto, Provincia de Guanacaste, Liberia, Costa Rica


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