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Car rental in Costa Rica

Need a car in Costa Rica? Make Europcar your best ally and find the mobility solution you need to boost that amazing trip by touring fascinating places, moving around the surroundings of San José in Costa Rica. Make your trip as fantastic as you want by equipping yourself with a rental car in San José or Liberia and embark on your way to adventure.

Rent from cheap cars to vans and luxury cars with Europcar Costa Rica, always getting the benefit of booking always knowing the total price, with insurance and taxes included. Book directly on our official website through a quick and simple process of few steps, where you will know at all times the final price, as well as everything that will be included in your reservation.

Avoid surprises! And get carried away by Europcar Costa Rica with rental cars with insurance and taxes included.

Advantages of car rental in Costa Rica

Renting cars in Costa Rica will incredibly boost your trip through this Central American country, giving you multiple advantages that will allow you to make the most of that trip you have planned to do to get much further than you had thought.

Move around Costa Rica saving time and money at the same time. Just imagine what transfer services could cost you from the airport to your hotel in Costa Rica. Car rental can cost you the same or even less than paying for private transportation services. Get on board Europcar Costa Rica, take the wheel and drive yourself while taking advantage of every moment of your trip, optimizing the time as best suits you, because with a car it will be you who will decide the stops what to do, without depending on the schedules of public transport.

Move around Costa Rica with autonomy. With the rental of cars in Costa Rica you can enjoy the freedom to go where you want, without being limited by rigorous itineraries, visiting the best tourist attractions of Costa Rica taking advantage of every moment, regardless of traveling for vacation or business .

Move around Costa Rica with safety and comfort. Renting cars in San José or Liberia will be the best way to travel with all the comfort and safety that you and your family need. Our fleet of vehicles is made up of cars of recent models, so we assure you the best experience renting cars in Costa Rica with Europcar. In addition we have equipped with the most popular models and that are trend in this country of Central America, so we can offer you the peace of mind that you will receive a vehicle in optimal conditions to travel comfortably and safely, without so many problems or complicated processes of reservations and / or hiring .

Move with Europcar and save yourself the typical problems that usually occur with other brands, such as hidden charges or cars not available. In Europcar all prices published on our official website have insurance and taxes to avoid messes when picking up the vehicle, so you start your exciting road trip through Costa Rica with good cheer and joy.

Requirements to rent cars in Costa Rica

Whether you are a Costa Rican or a foreigner, the requirements to rent cars in Costa Rica are:

  1. Identification (Identity card or passport).
  2. Driver's license
  3. Credit card

To rent cars in Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world, it is necessary to present a credit card with sufficient balance for the amount of the franchise or guarantee, which is equivalent to 10% of the total value of the car, and is related to the insurance and damage theft deductible. This amount varies according to the car model you decide to rent.

How much does it cost to rent cars in Costa Rica?

The prices for car rental in Costa Rica vary according to the dates and model of the selected car, but be sure that when you quote using our website, you will obtain at all times the final price, with the necessary insurance already included, as well We avoid messes and confusion. We try as much as possible to present clear information so you can book intuitively.

Most of the time you can get cheap prices on rental cars with Europcar Costa Rica, we only advise you to book in advance to ensure the best price. We also recommend using our website to book, so you can get all the benefits that only Europcar offers you.

To check the available cars and prices, please perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the search engine at the top of this page.
  2. Enter the name of the city in Costa Rica where you want to rent.
  3. Choose dates and times (It is important that these data are correct for your trip, so you can get the final price for the days and times you need).
  4. Click search.

In just a few seconds our website will show you all the available models for the selected dates and will show you the prices with basic insurance and taxes included. Although the price includes the basic insurance package, keep in mind that this package already includes the necessary insurance to rent cars in Costa Rica, so if you decide to keep this package, rest assured that there will be no additional charges when collecting the car. However, before concluding your reservation we will show you our different insurance packages, as well as the benefits that each includes, being at your choice to choose a superior one or keep the basic one.

Car rental in Costa Rica with insurance included

If you are looking for where to rent cars with insurance included, you have reached the right place. Our basic insurance package includes all the insurance necessary to rent a vehicle in Costa Rica, so you can book, from our website, with the security of acquiring a vehicle with everything you need included, without surprises that ruin your trip when picking up the car.

Explore Costa Rica by acquiring the best car rental experience in San José or Liberia, and discover how car rental can help you make the most of your trip. Ready to go further than you planned?

Moving your way!

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